Maximizing Your Dishwasher's Lifespan

The dishwasher in your home is probably one of your most-used appliances, running almost every day, saving you time, effort, money, and water. The modern dishwasher is a remarkably well-built appliance, able to withstand regular use for years, or even decades. And yet, as you probably know, dishwashers always eventually fail, be it a motor problem, an electronics error, or normal wear and tear to important parts. While we can't all be perfect experts at home appliance repair here in Montgomery, TX, there's still a few simple maintenance steps which can keep your dishwasher working for years to come.

Watch What You Put In

One of the most common sources of dishwasher damage is, naturally, from the glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal that gets put in there. Dishes are often brittle and can shatter, scattering into the machinery of the dishwasher, while silverware is already small and sharp, and moves easily. Securing your dishes properly is of utmost importance, which means not overlapping or over-stuffing, and spacing dishes out evenly. In some cases, though, your dishwasher's racks may be insufficient or missing pegs, and a new silverware holder or entire new rack may be necessary to keep your dishes in place.

Soaps and Liquids

Dishwashers can be very picky about their detergent and water. Take a look through your dishwasher's manual or the manufacturer's website to make sure they don't have any special advice on detergent. Using the wrong detergent can lead to flooding or damage to dishwasher parts. Likewise, your dishwasher's water pipes can be sensitive to clogging or other damage. Treat your dishwasher like your drains, and don't put material that clogs easily inside (rice, vegetables, and large food chunks especially).

Don't Hesitate

If your dishwasher makes a strange noise or behaves differently than usual, that could be a sign that something is going wrong. While many of these problems can be innocuous, like a fork rattling around on the bottom, some are serious, and not handling them quickly could lead to costly plumbing problems or dishwasher replacement. If you're afraid something's gone wrong and don't know what to do, call up an appliance repair in Montgomery, TX, for phone advice or an inspection. It could save you time and money in the long run.